The decision to focus

It's no secret that I have a passion for games, but I've found that, that very passion has been getting in the way of me making my own game.  Specifically the Hex $100k tournament has been a little bit to much of a focus.  On top of that I haven't been doing as much development during the week and so I've come up with a new system to keep myself on track.  The deal is that I'm not allowed to play any real games unless I get my work done that week.

Each week I'm requiring myself to spend 10 hours on developing my game and if I do that then I'm allowed to play Hex or other games.  If I do 20 hours then I get to go out to a cool restaurant.  So far it's been working this week although windows 10 has been a serious hindrance.   Windows 10 seems to be screwing up Unity and Blender which is unacceptable.  One other big decision this week is to only use Blender for my modeling pipeline and forget about other pipeline solutions like UMA (Unity Multi-Purpose Avatar), and others like it that I've looked at.  I might revisit them in the future after I've finished with this project but for now it's just a lot faster for me to build all my own models.

Lastly along with my 10 hour weekly commitment to game development I've decided to become more active with this blog, that way I can be accountable to something.  Anyways there's a lot of decisions that happened this week which should have a positive impact on getting my game going.