GenCON time means new demo release I hope you like it!

Wow, it’s already time for GenCON again this year can you believe it?  I’ve always focused on releasing my latest updates for Six Aspects close to the convention and I’m really excited to share all the updates with you!  The build that I’ve got to show you is really shaping up to be something that I think a lot of people are going to enjoy.  We’re starting to finally get to a place where most of the core gameplay mechanics are finished so that we can move on to fine tuning, adding lots of characters, iterating on ideas, and of course having a lot of fun!

From the last build to this one we’ve added the ability to defend towns just by standing in them they become your control zone!  This means that taking over towns matters more.  We’ve also started the ground work for a monetary system although it’s not fully completed yet.

There’s now more information on the force organization screen that you’re greeted with when you start the game and this is the first time that you’ll see our new character the thief!  She only gets one attack per combat but it’s a heavy hitting attack!  I wanted to get more characters in the game but this is all I was able to do right now.  My modeling has really stepped up from the soldier model to this one.  It’s likely that I’ll re-do his model in the future at some point in time.

There’s a new leader system in the game now.  Every unit requires a leader and if it doesn’t have one then you won’t be able to start the battle, so you’ll need to set them up before starting.  If your leader dies, then your units will auto flee back to your base and then promptly leave the battle.  Make sure to defend your leaders!

The final update is the new ability to flank and back attack your opponents!  Wow, this is one of the coolest things about ranked unit combat in my book.  There are a couple of bugs associated with towns that we’re aware of right now but it works fairly well.  For now, this means that a flanked unit might be exposing its softer troops like mages, archers, and most importantly its leaders.  In the future each row will change the type of attack your character can do.  This means that those mages are throwing fireballs in the back row but they’re doing a wimpy staff strike in the front row when they get flanked or back attacked.

The future of the game is looking amazing!  I can’t wait to get more classes and features in so we can start building out levels for the game!

Come find me at GenCON!  I’m working the Ninja Division booth and if you’re having trouble getting ahold of me just tweet to me @Errantsquire !  I’d love to hear what you think about the game!

New link to the demo!

I removed this link check the most recent post for the newest demo version!