GenCON 51 2018 New Build New Life

It's been a heck of a year this year and I'm lucky to be able to go to GenCON again next week.  Six Aspects is finally getting to a point where all of the features have been implemented, and the next step will be building all the content.  I recently moved into negotiations with an artist to make faces for my enemy characters.  I've put a lot into this game over the years and it's good to see that it will be a finished product soon.  I didn't get all the features I wanted in the game but that's what sequels and DLC is for right?  I hope that you like my game because I've started to get to a point where I don't know if it's all that good or not.

I hope that you like the demo!

Click here to download the demo!

YouTube Video of me playing the game

Click here to watch the YouTube Demo Video!