GenCON Here I Come!

     I'm very excited to be going to GenCON again this year!  Last year was my very first experience and I remember thinking then that it would be a long time before I would be able to go again due to the cost and time associated with it.  Luckily things worked out and I have the support of my wife to be able to go again this year.

     This week I had a huge milestone in my company when I created this website!  There's not much on it right now but everyone has to start somewhere.  I didn't have any time to do my development video this week, and there wouldn't have been much to say anyways.  Work has picked up recently and so I don't have the kind of time that I had when I created Constantine I & II.  I'm still working hard on making my next game though.  I'm still focused on creating something that will be similar to one of my all time favorites Ogre Battle.  Chris DeLeon has made some great learning tools for me to control units in three dimensional space in Unity 3D and so I've started to script the combat which will trigger once they engage each other.  This led me to some more trials and tribulations.  At first, I had a really hard time programming the combat card for each unit to be read in.  Specifically I was misunderstanding the syntax necessary to create variables inside a class.  After working on it for somewhere between 2-3 hours I did have a breakthrough.

     When I'm working on something intensely it's probably one of the worst feelings to know what I want it to do and not be able to get the program to do it.  The sheer amount of euphoria that I feel once I've discovered the answer is truly awesome although it doesn't always cancel out the pain that got me there.  It's just like Chris DeLeon says in the "Hobby Game Development Handbook" - you have to practice making games, you're not just going to wake up one morning and know exactly what to do (DeLeon).

Thanks for reading my first blog post!  I've been meaning to post some of my D&D 4.0 modules for the public to read and use.  If you've played my game Constantine you may notice that some of the scenario's in the game are based on the modules.



Charles Zammit