Happy Thanksgiving!

The last time that I made a blog entry was before I went to GenCON which was a long time ago.  Rest assured that I'm still developing games, and much like most people there's a lot that goes on in my life just like everyone else.  Thanks to my work with Chris Deleon I've made some real progress in creating a combat engine that's inspired by the old SNES Ogre Battle.  I'm hoping to have it done by the time that PAX South comes around in January.  It would be nice to have at least a YouTube video of the combat playing out to show people that I meet out there.  I've recently started using Trello and am thinking that future blog entries will simply be excerpts from my notes that I take down after doing a game development session.  I've also started working in Blender and it has been somewhat arduous but I'm getting more efficient at using it.  I'm hoping to have more blog entries for people that are interested in testing out my fantasy tactical game in the future which has yet to get a name.  I have tossed around some idea's like "Battle Squire" or "Mercenary War."  Honestly I'd like to make up a word that's two syllables.  Oh well it's a rather low priority right now.  Right now I'm working out the in combat targeting system.

Thanks for reading!


Charles Zammit