Pax South

As I write this I'm nervous about the video I'm compiling.  It's the first real look at my tactical fantasy game which I've named "Six: The Aspects of Man."  The game actually doesn't look that bad but of course I still feel that it could be better.  This weekend I'll be attending Pax South and really hope to glean a lot of good information from my fellow indie developers.  I know that I haven't been much on keeping this blog up nor have I been doing my dev VLOG's but I have been working on the game and making more progress than I had before.  Other things that are going on right now are a future family move and I'm also working on my Computer Science Bachelors degree.  There's a lot to juggle these days but I suppose it's better than being idle.  I'd just like to say that working with Chris Deleon has improved my productivity on the project 10 fold and if you're serious about making game I highly recommend looking at his Hobby Game Development program.  Hope to see you out at PAX, wish me luck and don't forget to give me some feedback on my game Six: The Aspects of Man!