GenCON 2015

My heart was racing this morning as I woke up at 5am and discovered a major problem with my trip to GenCON this year.  I had made all the arrangements but only for 2 Days which would mean that I would need to call Expedia to see if they could help me sort things out.  Luckily I'm not hurting for cash and even though the cost was quite steep I was able to fix the dates and I will be attending the convention again this year.  I've done a lot to prepare this time around.  I purchased a new video camera, made some new business cards, and have submitted my interview questions to Hex for my interview this year.  To tell the truth I'm super stressed out about the whole thing.  The last couple of days have been a marathon to get something that will be playable before the convention starts.  Of course I'm still working on my video game Six the Aspects of Man and it's at a state that's mildly playable.  Today Chris Deleon and I will be working on creating win conditions and death conditions for the game.  I've done a lot of the groundwork but I'm worried that I won't be able to post it to my Squarespace website.  My wife has been rather unsupportive of my endeavors which hasn't helped me much either.  I just pray that God will help me in my time of need.  Speaking of which I need to spend more time praying.  Honestly I don't think that I'll get very far with this game without God's help and I haven't really been giving Him the credit that He deserves for helping me get this far.  I suppose that only time will tell what His will is for me and I need to be receptive to it.  Changing my itinerary has placed me in a different hotel, and that may afford me some opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise.  I'd say that having this deadline has been good for getting things done with the game functionally although it's also trying at times.  I really hope that I can get a demo set up, but if I can't then plan B will be to post a video of myself playing it.  I hope to see you at GenCON and if you're one of the many that I give a business card to this weekend thanks for talking to me!  Make sure to check out my game and let me know what you think.